In 2005 I went to the bottom of Al Capone’s empty swimming pool, and in the sun splashed heat of a Miami Beach afternoon I painted a portrait of a former student on a swath of canvas weighted down by four coconuts. I lived in the old cabana overlooking the pool. Directly behind, indeed all around Palm Island, Biscayne Bay sent warm Caribbean winds to dry my creation. When the paint had dried and the memory of my former student was now fixed in time forever, I signed the canvas, closing months of sadness since my school had closed, and opening a new life for an urban art teacher. A dam had broken and an enormous wave of work followed. Years of pent-up creativity poured out, seemingly inexhaustible. Since that fateful day I’ve created a large and ever expanding portfolio of figurative and abstract work, mixing media and technology, inventing and reinventing myself within a general overall style I like to call: Island Pop.


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